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Eye of the Storm: A New Sci-Fi Adventure Novel

Close to a decade ago a story was conceived. A tale of adventure and struggle, of faith and will; a future world that feels eerily possible; an epic quest and a handful of characters to take one on a wild journey.
Over the years this story survived numerous incarnations; feature film, mini-series, back to even bigger feature film. And now bonafide novel.
I’m glad to have returned to my creative writing roots. I had feared that years of screenwriting had dulled my narrative drive. That may still be the case, but I shall know soon. For you see, EYE OF THE STORM is now out there for the world to see. Folks have been adamant that I announce as soon as I know, so today, for those of you with kindles, kobos or ipads you’re in luck!

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Paperback


It’s also available in the ibooks store and Scribd. Soon it will join the Nook/Barns and Noble and Amazon has the print version for those of you who would prefer a nice paperback for the shelf.


These characters haunt me now. It used to be that i'd dream of them once in a while, seeing their exploits carried out. But it's become more and more frequent, where many a waking moment is spent seeing them. Aldric, Alteya, Rilen, Brittania, Sven, Roland, Abby, Glenn,...