Eye of the Storm: A New Sci-Fi Adventure Novel

Close to a decade ago a story was conceived. A tale of adventure and struggle, of faith and will; a future world that feels eerily possible; an epic quest and a handful of characters to take one on a wild journey. Over the years this story survived numerous incarnations; feature […]

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These characters haunt me now. It used to be that i’d dream of them once in a while, seeing their exploits carried out. But it’s become more and more frequent, where many a waking moment is spent seeing them. Aldric, Alteya, Rilen, Brittania, Sven, Roland, Abby, Glenn, Frax, Anu Each […]

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The beginning….

A little piece of literary poetry I came up with the other day. It teases at a novel series that is in the works. A fantasy tale of epic proportions, I hope for it to one day see the light of day. Here’s a taste… Heir To The Throne Of […]

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