Eye of the Storm: A New Sci-Fi Adventure Novel

Close to a decade ago a story was conceived. A tale of adventure and struggle, of faith and will; a future world that feels eerily possible; an epic quest and a handful of characters to take one on a wild journey. Over the years this story survived numerous incarnations; feature […]

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These characters haunt me now. It used to be that i’d dream of them once in a while, seeing their exploits carried out. But it’s become more and more frequent, where many a waking moment is spent seeing them. Aldric, Alteya, Rilen, Brittania, Sven, Roland, Abby, Glenn, Frax, Anu Each […]

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The beginning….

A little piece of literary poetry I came up with the other day. It teases at a novel series that is in the works. A fantasy tale of epic proportions, I hope for it to one day see the light of day. Here’s a taste… Heir To The Throne Of […]

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Update – As The World Changes….

Been hard at work researching my chosen subject market. I’ve been into this stuff for years, but never REALLY dove into until now. I’ve learned much. Some of it is admittedly preposterous, but there is a lot out there that is so incredibly compelling. So much so, I’ve abandoned any […]

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Do You Believe?

Do you believe in aliens? Are we alone in the universe? Working on a project with controversial subject matter. Can’t give many details yet, but soon… Soon all will be revealed….

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My VERY first post!

Ok here we go!! If you are reading this, then you are privy to the beginnings of what is sure to be a wild ride in the world that is my work. You will be witness to my numerous postings regarding my views on matters, reviews on films/games/geek culture, perhaps […]

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