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You will be witness to some awesome reviews on films, game walkthroughs, and anything geek culture. But most importantly, a peek into the world of my writing.

Ryan was a very imaginative tyke from the get go. He spent more time with his toys than with real kids, creating numerous story lines and plot twists for his Ninja Turtles, X-Men and Power Rangers to follow. Soon he began to write these plastic soap operas down on paper, and his desire to write was born.

While still young, he saw a movie that would change the way he saw film making, and in the process change the way he saw his future altogether. This film was Interview With The Vampire. It was his first ‘non kiddie’ film, and though he probably should not have seen it at such a young age, it was the first film he was able to see through a different perspective, from characters, to viewpoint, to plot structure. It inspired him into knowing that he just had to have a part in telling stories, and thus his path was revealed. 

Through high school, he wrote a lot of short fiction, mostly beginner fan fiction with the names of existing characters swapped out with those of his colleagues. After high school his interest in film drove him to go to film school, where he learned the production side of things, most importantly screenwriting.

He has been writing ever since, both screenplays and novel fiction. His first novel will be releasing soon.

He lives in British Columbia Canada with his lovely wife and crazy cat.

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